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Suzanne and George are the actual imagemakers at Amara Studios. Our experience and creative vision overlaps, not limiting us to just one skill set; this is the super power we share with our clients. As a team we push the boundaries to see the world differently. Our shared passion for telling stories, whether still or moving, is what drives us to keep creating.

While we can’t always predict what skill set each of us might bring forward for your particular project, rest assured that the whole is much, much greater than the sum of its parts. We are a team, connected on many levels, lots of fun to have around!

Suzanne Merrett

Image Maker / Producer / Storyfinder

Suzanne’s passion to get behind the scenes, to learn more about people and their stories, has led to the creation of award-winning documentary photo stories. She rocks the studio experience, creating portraits that reveal the authentic strength and character of her clients.

George Leet

Creative Director / The Tech Guy

George began his career in Toronto as the lead photographer and videographer for a major international design firm. He created outstanding imagery for large national brands, telling the stories of their people, unique retail spaces and consumer products.

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