Share your story

Our creative process begins with a client's core idea or perhaps their desired outcome; the first meeting usually starts with the statement “we want to talk about…. our research, our product, our service, recycling, food, our medical device, our work environment” and the list goes on.

The team at Amara Studios listens to, researches and collaborates with our clients to identify the desired narrative, digging deep to find the underlying story that will differentiate the message, to stand out in a crowded brand driven marketplace. 


An example of the documentary style we use to create informative promotional videos.

Share your story

Telling your authentic story is the most effective way of standing out in crowd, reaching deep to touch the very core of your target audience.

Moving Images

Corporate Video

Investors and clients want to know your story. They want to know your why… why should they invest in you, why should they buy from you, why should they trust you.

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